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We have thousands of well-trained crewmembers ready to deliver excellent cleaning services at all locations throughout the country.
  • All types of cleaning for the interiors of buildings
  • Cleaning for the exteriors of buildings (e.g., high-rise external glass and facade cleaning)
  • Cleaning of carpets, curtains, blinds and upholstered furniture, etc.

Our Services

  • Interior cleaning for all types of buildings (office buildings, shops, department stores, hotels, factories, apartments, condominiums, shop houses and residences of all types)
  • Exterior cleaning for buildings (e.g. outside glass and awning cleaning)
  • Aluminum frames and building frames with shiny surfaces and those made with metals and tiles, cleaned by teams of experienced "Spidermen"
  • Washing, polishing and glazing floors to protect the floor surface and for long-lasting use; cleaning of carpets, curtains, blinds and upholstered furniture.
  • Outsourcing we offer the service of dispatching crewmembers to the client's premises to perform such duties as data entry, call center operations, heavy item lifting, cargo loading and unloading, cargo arrangement and other duties as agreed.
The services cited above can be provided at certain spots or for the whole building, and may be provided from time to time or on an annual basis. For further information, please contact us †and make your inquiries any time. †